Modern-Day Romeo

HMAS Sydney notches up another milestone in the Sea of Japan

MH-60R Seahawk from Helicopter Strike Squadron Seven Seven of the U.S. Navy makes a series of landings and departures aboard HMAS Sydney. Photo courtesy Royal Australian Navy.

The Australia Navy News recently featured an article titled “Modern-Day Romeo,” that follows the journey of the first Australian Romeo, which just traveled from Sikorsky’s facility in Troy, Alabama, to Stratford, Connecticut.  The last step in the journey will be Lockheed Martin in Owego, New York, where the mission systems will be integrated aboard the aircraft.

In the article, Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Captain Scott Lockey interviewed fellow RAN officer Commander Nyree Cornelius, who described her excitement at watching the Romeo come to life. Cornelius said the aircraft is no longer just the “selected solution,” it is a reality. “Inspecting the first RAN Romeo on completion of its first stage of production is a memory I will no doubt treasure, and spin yarns about, for years to come,” she told Lockey. “The DMO, CDG, RAN, U.S. Navy and its contractors have been working hard since the government approved this acquisition.”

Lockheed Martin’s Common Cockpit avionics suite is also featured in the article. The 400th Common Cockpit will be installed on the first RAN aircraft. Andrew Roach, of the Air 9000 Phase 8 Resident Project Team, described his first encounter with the cockpit. “It was a clear reflection of the advancement in avionic systems since the days of the S-70B-2…when the system is powered up and operating, it is then you can really begin to appreciate the next generation and cockpit design. Clearly the cockpit is all about operating and fighting the Seahawk Romeo and it sensors and weapons. It will also provide an important tool for maintenance to access and assess the many onboard systems.”