United Arab Emirates

Lockheed Martin has had a footprint in the United Arab Emirates for four decades. Operating a diversified portfolio in defense, advanced technology and knowledge transfer programs, we partner with the UAE for security and prosperity.


Center For Innovation And Security Solutions (CISS)

Located at Masdar City, the Center for Innovation and Security Solutions (CISS) has incubated defense, security and technology related solutions since 2014. The multi-purpose facility provides access to Lockheed Martin’s extensive network of laboratories, research facilities and centers of excellence around the world. The CISS has implemented a series of technology development programs for Emirati engineers and industry professionals - from the first UAE Cyber Security Challenge to advanced concepts in scenario and flight simulation.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Payload Design Challenge

A joint initiative with Mubadala Investment Company, the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Payload Design Challenge brings university students together from around the UAE to design, develop and integrate payloads for aerial vehicles with commercial and industrial applications. Designed and run by Lockheed Martin’s CISS at Masdar City, this program bridges the gap between university and industry, challenging students to help create future industries and solve real-world problems.


Lockheed Martin launched Exechon, LLC, a joint-venture (JV) company comprising Abu Dhabi-based Injaz National and Sweden-based Tecgrant AB in 2016. The JV’s feature product, the XMini, is a robotic, next-generation intelligent portable machine system incorporating Parallel Kinematics Machining (PKM) to support industrial automated manufacturing capabilities. Built locally, the XMini is supporting the UAE's goal of becoming the leading supplier of cutting-edge, automated manufacturing technology to international aerospace, defense and automotive markets.