Australian Graduate Program

The Lockheed Martin Graduate Development Program is designed to expose you to unique learning opportunities, while contributing to stimulating, groundbreaking projects.

We know it takes a diverse, collaborative and multi-skilled team to deliver our programs. That’s why we need graduates who are driven, ambitious team players who are as passionate as we are about building a better tomorrow – today.

Ready to join the Lockheed Martin team and make a difference?

To apply, click through to AU Careers and review the early careers vacancies listed and submit your application – we understand you may wish to be considered for several of these exciting positions, so please apply to all of the roles and locations you are interested in. We will also be attending a number of university graduate fairs around Australia and hosting online discussions regarding our graduate program, so keep an eye on our social media posts on LinkedIn for all the details.

Meet Our Graduates


A Day in the Life of an LMA Graduate - An, Graduate Hardware Engineer

7.00 AM

I start my cycle of alarm snoozing and eventually make it out of bed to get ready for the day. I do my skincare, get dressed and make myself some breakfast. I like to have my lunch prepped in advance so that I can grab and go every morning.

8.45 AM

Arrive at the office and log into my computer to check my emails. There are usually some company-wide emails with news/announcements from management and COVID guidelines. We are currently working from home on alternating days to practice social distancing and keeping an eye out for any updates. I also check my calendar to see what meetings I have today so that I can make sure I’m prepared.

9.00 AM

I have a daily catch-up meeting with the five other members of the Requirements Team. We’re working on the Future Submarines Program, where Lockheed Martin Australia is integrating the combat system onto the platform designed by Naval Group in France. My team is responsible for analysing requirements from our customer, the Commonwealth of Australia, and exchanging requirements with Naval Group. We fill each other in on our progress with current tasks and share any problems that we might be having. My team lead also gives us a heads up on upcoming work and any other announcements from Systems Engineering.

9.30 AM

I’m currently working with the set of requirements allocated to Lockheed Martin from Naval Group. This is a set of around five hundred requirements imposed on the combat system to ensure that it can be integrated with Naval Group’s platform system. A new release of this set of requirements was provided by Naval Group recently, so we need to analyse the updates and make an assessment about whether we can accept the requirements or not. I have been working closely with all product teams to record their assessments of whether we can achieve the requirements.

10.30 AM

It’s time for my meeting with the Requirements Lead, the Systems Engineering/Integration and Testing Lead, the Deputy Chief Engineer and the Chief Engineer. My team lead and I inform the others of any updates we’ve received since the last meeting through our discussions with product teams or meetings with Naval Group. We go through the achievability assessments and discuss strategies to address any high-risk requirements.

11.30 AM

I grab some fruit from the kitchen and then head over to the other office wing so that I can discuss some actions with different product team leads. I inform them of new approaches suggested by the Chief Engineer and ask for status updates. I then make sure the achievability assessments are updated.

1.00 PM

As the requirements point of contact for two of the Integrated Product teams in the Combat System Integrator program, I attend weekly or fortnightly team meetings to keep up to date. Today I dial in over Skype, and the team lead shares his screen so we can all see the agenda and meeting minutes. We discuss recent activities or tasks such as vendor evaluations and document reviews, and I inform the team of any updates from Systems Engineering.

1.40 PM

By now I’m hungry and ready for my lunch break. I love that the office is only a short walk away from the lake, so I can get some fresh air and sunshine while I eat. There are also some great food options in the area if I want to treat myself.

2.30 PM

I’m now back in the office with my headphones in, ready to get stuck into my afternoon work. I keep a running to-do list in my logbook, which captures all my tasks and deadlines and helps me to prioritise. Today, I’m working on some requirement changes in DOORS. This might involve adding updates to the requirements to match the new release from Naval Group, or improving wording based on feedback from subsystem teams or the customer. If I get stuck, my team is always there to help out and give me guidance. In some cases, I need to consult the relevant subject matter experts to ask further questions and make sure I have a better understanding of the requirement. Everyone I’ve worked with has been very receptive to questions and happy to share their knowledge, which really helps me learn and broaden my understanding of the project. At some point, I start to feel sluggish so I make some green tea, eat a snack or have a short break outside.

4.30 PM

Our colleagues in France have just started their work day, so it’s time for a meeting with my team lead and our counterparts in the Naval Group Requirements team. We dial into a videoconference call from a meeting room and go through the Requirements Feedback Table. This is a collection of queries from Lockheed Martin Australia to Naval Group about the set of requirements that they have given us. These include requests for further clarification about scope or specific terminology used, proposals for updates to the performance metrics, and other questions about how the requirements should be used. These types of meetings can prompt further discussions between Lockheed Martin Australia and Naval Group, which ensure that everyone is on the same page.

5:45 PM

Home time! I do a last check of emails, update my logbook with today’s activities, edit the team status chart with my progress and fill in my timesheet. If I’m feeling motivated, I’ll stop at the gym on the way home or go for a run if it’s still light outside. Otherwise, I’ll enjoy a relaxed night in. I like to spend my weeknights reading, making weekend plans with my friends and watching Netflix.

11.00 PM

I’m now ready to get to bed and I set my alarm a little later than usual because I’ll be working from home tomorrow.


A Day in the Life of an LMA Graduate - Elizabeth, Associate ILS Engineer

6.10 AM

Wake up from my alarm and get greeted by my cat. Do some mindless scrolling of social media and prepare myself to get up for the day.

6.30 AM

Roll out of bed and get dressed for the gym, feed the cats and grab my lunch from the fridge. Jump in the car and drive to the gym.

7.30 AM

Get to the gym and get cracking on the day’s exercise list. I prefer to work out in the mornings so that I wake my body up naturally and get my heart rate up before my day in the office.

9.00 AM

After a shower, I get to my desk, plug my laptop in, and grab my coffee cup. After shotting a double shot, I make myself a cup of tea and head back to my desk. I turn on my laptop and catch up on Defence news and emails, whilst chatting with my co-workers.

9.15 AM

This morning I am updating the documentation and work instruction of a database application I built for the function to reflect some updates I had recently implemented.

11.00 AM

Make myself another cup of tea – this time its liquorice tea. With my documentation updates now complete, I fill in a “Document Change Request” to commit my work instruction updates to our company’s Process Asset Library – our internal library of Company processes, procedures and work instructions.
Then onto writing another process – after going to a Reliability Centred Maintenance training course earlier in the year, I am writing an internal work instruction for conducting Reliability Centred Maintenance analysis.

12.00 PM

Lunch time! I eat my lunch at my desk before changing into sneakers to go for a walk with my workmates. A lap around the creek or down to the shops to have lunch is the usual trek.

12.30 PM

Back at my desk I scan through any new emails and review some documents in preparation for my 1 o’clock meeting.

1.00 PM

I meet with a co-worker to discuss a sub-contractor’s deliverable review and some other tasks he is handing over to me. The deliverable we are reviewing determines whether the supplier will be able to develop and provide the necessary information we need to complete our contractual requirements. As part of Integrated Logistics Support, we need to ensure the supplier provides us the product’s Reliability, Maintainability and Availability data, information about how it is to be maintained as well as whether manuals and training are available.

2.00 PM

I begin my review of the sub-contractor document, ensuring the supplier has provided us with all of the data we have requested to a suitable level and commenting where the data is not up to scratch. This is a large task and will probably take the next few days, and a couple litres of tea!

6.00 PM

Work day is done! I pack up my things and get in the car. The great thing about LM is we work 8.5 hour days for a 9 day fortnight.

6.30 PM

I find a park in the city, tonight I am meeting my brother at Bread and Bone for dinner (a local wood grill burger bar we both love). We get the braised beef ribs with slaw and fries to share – delicious.

8.30 PM

Finally back at home I get my gym gear, change of clothes and lunch ready for work again tomorrow. I sit and drink a calming cup of tea whilst catching up with my boyfriend on how his day went.

9.00 PM

I get in bed and read a novel before eventually drifting off to sleep.