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At Lockheed Martin, we come to work every day with a focus on our customers’ missions and embrace a bold spirit of innovation to address technological challenges.

The future of battlespace means using Lockheed Martin’s expertise and historical success to connect technology to perform for our customers. Learn more about the innovation behind these capabilities below.
As a result of investing in developing and demonstrating this Mach 5 technology for over 30 years, we are at the forefront of operationalizing hypersonic capabilities, systems and engineering.
Hypersonics requires advanced materials to
survive exterior temperatures approaching
4,000 degrees Fahrenheit

The hypersonic system must be strong enough to maintain
its shape, guidance and communication electronics at
speeds greater than a mile per second
Whether it’s a natural disaster or a combat situation, first responders and military personnel know they can rely on our trusted AI-enabled and autonomous systems that optimize human performance by maximizing safety, performance and situational awareness across all domains.
The majority of Lockheed Martin systems include autonomous or
artificially intelligent technologies that aid decision making to 
enhance the human operator

AI makes it possible for autonomous systems to simulate intelligent behaviors,
allowing machines to “think” and “learn”
to enable better, faster decision making for the human operator

By synchronizing weapon systems and crucial data sources with revolutionary simplicity, multi-domain operations allows commanders to quickly predict adversaries’ next moves, while overwhelming opponents with a new level of precision. 
We’re evolving tech that connects, shares and learns,
providing intelligence to warfighters in seconds vs. hours

21 apps in 12 months
Our approach uses Agile DevSecOps to quickly iterate and deliver new apps. Last year, we integrated 21 apps across all functions in a JADC2 architecture to enable data-driven decisions on the battlefield
Combined with expert platform integration, advances like fiber lasers, sophisticated beam control and auxiliary technologies enable offensive and defensive capabilities against a growing range of threats to military forces and infrastructure. 
Lasers can have a virtually unlimited “magazine” and
minimal collateral damage

Lasers are all about pinpoint accuracy:
A beam can be directed at a five-centimeter spot up to
2 kilometers away



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