People of Lockheed Martin: Meet Shanice

Name: Shanice

Years with Lockheed Martin: One year

What is your current position?   I am a Sustainment Engineer.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities? In my position, I support the supply of materials to create Lockheed Martin products. Also, I manage the distribution of some of Lockheed Martin’s most innovative products. I am responsible for the technical, cost, schedule and resource management to ensure our products are done right and on-time.  

How do you unplug? Hiking mountains allows me to conquer feats that the average person does not do. During these hikes, I learned a lot about self-love. You must take care of yourself first, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Those aspects are as important in your life as your career. You must find that balance. Sometimes we get caught up in the pressures of work and life, and we forget what’s important. You must take care of yourself and find your peace. When you’re happy, you perform well.

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