Next Gen Fighter

Like in a good chess game, at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® we’re always thinking five steps ahead. And in today’s constantly changing and highly contested battlespace, staying ahead is critical.

The global defense landscape is more unpredictable than ever before. So what are we doing today to ensure that we maintain U.S. air dominance in a post-2035 world?

In partnership with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), U.S. Air Force and Navy, our Skunk Works team has been exploring ways deliver non-linear, game-changing capabilities that deter current and emerging threats – ultimately delivering a competitive and decisive advantage for the U.S and its Allies.

The Skunk Works is committed to advancing technical capabilities and investigating new venues for developing next generation air dominance (NGAD) air platforms as well as potential enhancements to current platforms that are projected to be a part of the future joint force structure.

Informed by a legacy of successfully conceptualizing and developing leading-edge technology aircraft like the SR-71, F-117, F-22 and F-35, the Skunk Works spirit of innovation and ability to quickly and quietly deliver a quality product is what our customers have come to rely on for more than 75 years.