The Need for Speed

There’s a common saying among military pilots that speed is life. In nature, speed allows an animal to outrun a predator. In a dogfight, speed gives a pilot a distinct, often lifesaving, advantage.

To put the advantage speed offers in context, consider this: a Mach 2 supersonic fighter jet flies about 1,400 miles per hour or about 20 miles per minute. That means that fighter jet could cross the contiguous U.S. in under two hours. At Mach 5 and higher, you enter the hypersonic zone where speeds above 3,840 mph can take you almost anywhere in the world within an hour. When you can get anywhere anytime, speed becomes a significant difference-maker in the battlespace.

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works® has a proven track record for creating systems designed to maximize the speed advantage. With practical applications across the commercial and military world, our team of talented Skunks continues to explore how to deliver a decisive competitive edge to the U.S. and its Allies.