Persistent ISR

Most of us will never fully understand or appreciate the impact of the missions of America’s spy planes. But that’s the point.  For decades, U.S. reconnaissance aircraft have been relentlessly looking deep into enemy territory to provide sensitive information to our country in an effort to keep the peace.

There’s great diversity in today’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms, with unmanned and manned options large and small. Regardless of their physical differences, our systems all have common denominators: high powered sensors to provide crisp, clear imagery and data.

As the threat evolves to an anti-access/area denial environment, a more advanced, persistent ISR system is needed to provide lifesaving intelligence for our soldiers. We’re working on solutions that combine stealth technology, speed and improved sensors to be able to penetrate and operate in a hostile environment.  All forms of intelligence are needed to complete the picture: human, space, surface, cyber, and air.