Code Quest

Code Quest 2021 Competition will take place virtually on April 24th, 2021

Registration dates will be forthcoming.

We are encouraging schools around Lockheed Martin locations that hosted the competition in 2019 to compete again in 2021. Code Quest 2019 took place at 25 locations around the world with more than 1,800 students.

This January, Lockheed Martin is launching Code Quest® Academy, a free computer coding and career exposure program for high school students near Lockheed Martin locations. This unique program helps students of all skill levels grow their coding knowledge through interactive problems and inspires students to pursue technology careers through mentorship from real-life Lockheed Martin professionals. Students will also be prepared for successful participation in the Code Quest 2021 competition on April 24th.  Competition participants are eligible to apply for summer internships with Lockheed Martin.

In addition we are offering Code Quest® Academy in the Classroom:

Computer programming comes to life as students engage with Lockheed Martin technology professionals who share how they solve real-world problems everyday using the skills taught in the Code Quest Academy, which includes:

  •  Virtual coding practice sessions with Lockheed Martin technology professionals: During four, one-hour virtual sessions through the school year, Lockheed Martin mentors will help students with problems at a range of levels of difficulty using web-hosted software. Availability is based on proximity to Lockheed Martin locations.
  •  Supplemental curriculum for teachers: Students and teachers do not need prior experience in programming to participate, just a passion for learning to code. Access to background information and insight into the Code Quest Academy problems allows teachers to formulate lesson plans centered around the problems or use them as stand-alone supplemental content.

Interested in learning more about how to integrate within your classroom? Please request more information here

Students 13+ can connect with Lockheed Martin via Tallo, a free online platform and app where you can showcase your accomplishments, skills, and career interests. Colleges and companies, like Lockheed Martin, use Tallo to connect with students about future internship and scholarship opportunities. Sign-up for free at

You can also follow LM on LinkedIn and/or Facebook. We often promote intern hiring events as well as scholarship information.

Thank you to you and your students for your dedication, passion and time preparing for this event. We look forward to your participation next year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at